About our candles

Candle making is not just a business for us but a passion: creating beautiful custom candles that are soothing and relaxing. Our biggest pleasure is hearing our customers' comments on how much they love them, the first time they smell them, after they light them and how their homes fill with a wonderful scent. That's the reason we do it!

We have something for everyone and if you don't see something you like we will custom-make one for your specific taste. We can do this because we hand pour each candle individually in small batches so you can have exactly what you want. Any scent can be made in any size jar and we will even place a personalized custom label on it. Go ahead and make your request!

About Our T-Shirts

Not only do we love making these t-shirts but we love to see people wearing our creations. We love coming up with new ideas and designs for our shirts and we also do one-off custom designs. Our shirts are stylish and comfortable to wear. They wash well and the designs will stay on throughout many washings. Some may be funny, fancy or simple. You choose your favorites. Check out our different designs or go ahead and design your own for us to create.

About Our lamps

Lamps like ours can't be found in any stores. They are one of a kind and totally unique! Our lamps are created using empty cigar boxes, upcycled liquor and wine bottles and unique items to complete the design. These are real working lamps which you plug into an outlet. All items are secured to the cigar boxes to make one solid piece for easy placement. Perfect for home, man caves, bars, and restaurants. These lamps are not just lamps but pieces of art.