Laser Dark No Cut Transfer Paper

Laser Dark No Cut Transfer Paper

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 Our system offers a transparent print media, making it exceptionally easy to line up the print on the garment, with extremely high wash fastness. This no cut paper is a self-weeding paper, and only transfers the printed image, with no background through the unique pressing application, and does not require the user to trim the transfer by hand or any other lengthy, frustrating processes. 2-step paper is specifically designed for white toner printers. You print your transfer on to a transparent "A" foil transfer sheet and press it to a "B" adhesive sheet. The white coating of the "B" paper is transferred only to the toner on the "A" paper, making the design weeded and ready for transferring to your garment. With the white coating on the "B" paper, your artwork will be more opaque and the colors will be more vibrant on dark fabrics. The transparent foil of the "A" transfer paper makes positioning your image easy and precise. This paper works with light and dark fabrics including cotton, polyester, blends and many more.

Set your paper type to transparency or film
Print on dull side of A film
Oki White Toner: 150-160C, 300-320F, Marry AB paper 90 Sec, Med Pressure (5 Bars)
CMYK: Same Temp, Marry AB paper 90 Sec, Same Pressure

Marrying A+B Sheets:
Preheat heat lower platen, Lay A film print side up on press with B paper shiny side on top facing A Film. Place parchment paper,silicone sheet or cotton cloth on top
Press and then peel slowly while still hot. Be sure not to lift A paper from press while peeling.

To Press on Garment:
Press at same temp as marrying, Roll off garment while pressing down
Place back on heat press for finishing at same temp for 30 sec. Be sure to use silicone or parchment paper finishing sheet.

Times and pressures may vary depending on your press and fabric.